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When you have the courage to escape from yourself
Would you please furnish your past tedious lies for a little bit?

But it is probably difficult, for inertia has reached its peak.

When you have the firm will to accept other’s anticipation,
Would you please identify your past discipline for a second? The same old cliché is being sung again.

*Heading for Ko-Sou peninsula upon leaving Ten-Ken temple today,I see your soul buried next to the driver’s seat.
Although I said I would do anything for you no matter what,
Could I really fulfill it?

Can you really die in lonely peace after killing me?
Distinct eyes are covered with a speechless child-like mask. What if adopting survival as another solution?

*Sea-side park is equally dimly lit as it was by moon tonight.
You are like a signal light reflected upon the car seat.
The hands grasping hard underneath that overcoat are unable to grab anything, aren’t they?
Have you held the wrong person?

Everything is hateful!
You, the impostor who is about to preach!
After tonight the useless woman-animal will be no use living,
Just kill her, please!


From the blooming life till the withering death of this flower we are definitely not going to find a seat.
Hoping that the limitation of accommodation is not to be miscalculated therefore keep a distance.

Please forgive my refusal!

The spot has to be destroyed after all to have a semantic problem with “an unscrupulous fall”.

*Therefore the flowers growing here continue to traumatize each other with conversations that once again spawn the immoral seeds.

Alas, they have reached the state where they have to be born whatsoever.

Groping for the alarming boarder line of each other’s love affair even if the answer’s been found, so save me!


The hand that has denounced winter has already been selected and is within a tantalizing distance.
Please pardon my seizing it so hard!

The ever more damaged water surface is rising towards where my head is. “Drowning”

*Even if “not having to turn our heads for one another’s existence to know where love is” is jeopardized, silence still remains.

Alas, maybe everything has set.

The sun rises to an extreme height when the answers answer and smile smiles, as usual.

Red fingernails! They show no interest in truth and et cetera…and set a time frame with philistine attitude in superficial occasions, hiding away some irresolute thoughts inside a white innocence.

Alas, the self that is destined to be nail to a predictable end is despicable!

“Sayo na ra” (Farewell)
Till that day our response shall still be the same---

“Now I meet you.”

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