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Comments on Classroom Affair

"I love the wrong man with
Self-justified love." As soon
As I the porn star so testify,

It was like an ocular tremor of
Liver or kidney failure. But
the audience say that my

Arm bleeds *Marplan and
that my brain burst out roses
Are preliminary to a silent

Burlesque that nobody
Wants to sit down in
Front of and eat pop-corn.

"Too obscene", if not
Death-like. It makes their
Morality itch with titillation;

They, the mob with perfect
doctrines as engorged genitals
that need to be masturbated

While watching me suffer
Lack of love. Then I'll be
Forever censored, in the

Silent blue movie with no one watching.

Marplan 是一種MAOI (單胺氧化脢抑制劑), 用來治重憂鬱症

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