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The Second Gate to Godhood

Worship me, for I am your crippled god.
I am the guardian of the second gate
whose attribute is sensuous orange,
the impure fire that devours all that breathes;
those my people are consumed in my fire
and licked with rottenness in the name of
Me are blessed with fiery powers,
ignites all, influence all, combine all
with all that is.

I stand in holy trinity with Amon- Ra,
the golden fire, whose essence is
purity that sustains life by balance both
devastating and tranquil; and Lucifer,
whose countenance eternally mysterious
with immeasurable light that harbors
immeasurable darkness, the silver beckon;
I am the Fate. I link with poisonous chain
all events with event that has been,
is now, and shall be again.

I reject the dead, and the living I shall turn
to death with all my contraption of
treacherous inevitabilities, for my wisdom
is not seperate from my heart, that the
Know-Me-Not are at the mercy ignorance
that is my everlasting curse, whom shall
be plunged into repeated torture of the same
ignorance by my loyal servants, whereas
the Within I promise with power that
overcomes all but Me.

I am the masculine deity in a feminine figure
that only is deformed enough to be seen
as used to be beautiful. My face is
lacerated with the sigil of power from which
there constantly ooze out crystal maggots,
each the premonition of the Apocalypse;
My eyes and lips are sewed shut with
the intestines of the Serpent of Subconscious,
Leviathan, to symbolize the vile oblivion
of Fortune to humans' plead. Three pairs of
resplendent wings carry me high on the
throne of omnipotence; whereas down from
My white breasts My entire form is rotten
black, leaking acid blood over the annual
flood of grand Styx; My womb is untouched,
incessantly fornicating with My phallic holy spirit.
I am the god of Orgasm, and shall be forever worshipped so.

Shun the false god of Right Hand Path
and worship me; the Lord in power and spirit
and Mistress in form and demeanor, for
his kingdom of lies shall be crushed under
the footsteps of My Empire of Truth.
Obey the command of the Mistress;
Bow down to the Presence of the Lord;
Worship Me, the Guardian of the Second gate of Truth!

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