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Heart-Shaped Accusation > > >

< H e a r t >

Do you have a heart of tundra that is too cold
And grim to be frozen, never blue with three
Tingling fallible eternities and never sees light
Before shutting its lids thinner membranes than
A fish can thin. Do you have a heart that bleeds,
That walks that juggles or that turns a somersault?
Do you have a heart of substance bouncing,
Palpitating, can be eaten by despair more obstinate
Than your boss? Your heart is like a virus, the
Moment the eyes can spot an agency of ephemeral
Emotion, Alas a heart, and dies, doing nothing

You do not have a heart at all, my love.

< A t t a c k>

Too cold and grim to be frozen the heart of tundra
Blue never, three fallible eternities tingling
You have, or have you not?
See never the light before thinner membranes than
A fish can thin the lids do shut, a heart have you
Can walk, bleed, juggle, turn a somersault or?
Heart that of substances made, bounces, palpitates,
And by obstinate despair more than your boss is eaten?
Viruses like, spot an agency in eyes emotions are
Ephemeral, heart there, dies, nothing.

My love, at all heart you have not.

< H e a r t A t t a c k >

Tundra of hurt grim cold too be frozen never blue,
Fallible eternity in three tingling have you do.
Never light the see is shutting fish membranes thinner
Can thin. Walk can a hart bleed and juggle somersault
Turn or, substance bouncing heart comprise of palpitate
Eaten by obstinate more boss than despair. Virus moment
Like your heart eye spots emotion can ephemeral agency
A cockroach, alas, and dies, doing heart.

You have nothing at all, my love.

< C a r d I a c A r r e s t >

Maybe your heart is not for me at all,
Dear sir.
I still love you.

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