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BAD bad Taste

You say this is bad taste to
go to church at the hour of six and six on
which the sky is already stained by
aging blazing dawn. Perfect Saturday,
Strikes six, point six.
You are a liar, and

Lying is just like that when you see
Lucifer illuminated on the once
Shattered church stain-glass when
priests are molesting children but
It makes perfect sense because just
Who the fuck is the light tolerator?

Hell is getting lighter these years
maybe due to they all have wings
Or due to they all have light bulbs
At home or maybe they've all got TV or
maybe they molest someone's child or
All of above.

Run for cover the next time we see light,
we see hope,
Or we see murder at the hour of six
On TV or
We see nothing at all.


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